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Every time we go and try a different dish, YUM
Always delicious!
The Roti was delicious and a great texture, as were the fried Tofu balls. The Rendang was also well done with a good combination of flavours complimenting each other, none overpowering the whole dish. Nonya Prawn dish was delicious with a chilli bite. Rice was also well cooked and not stodgy as some coconut rice can be. The Chicken Satay, well I like my own satay sauce. I was impressed and I will order from Malaysian Chapter again.
Best Malaysian in Canberra! Awesome vegetarian and vegan menu.
One of my favourite places for vegan food - the curries with soy meat are incredible
Such a great range for vegans. Food is very good!
Delicious as always!!
Consistently awesome. MC never disappoint, always delicious and great service.
10 Star!
We ordered our meal with home delivery (to arrive a couple of hours later) on the website . All the dishes were very good and the delivery arrived right on time. Great food and excellent service! Suggestion for the website: It would be good if you could select how hot you would like each dish (as we had a group who like varying degrees of heat for each of their choices).
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